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Since we normally do not have a newsletter or a program in June due to TAS Field School, we’ll use Page 1 of this month's HAS Newsletter not to announce our speaker, but to announce an important project that is underway.

As most of you know, the 91st Annual Meeting of the Texas Archeological Society scheduled for October 29 – November 1, 2020 in Houston has been cancelled due to uncertain future effects of Covid19. This meeting is not just the annual gathering of the archeological clan in Texas, it is also the biggest fundraiser for the society. In order to offset some of the financial shortfalls as a result of cancelling this meeting, the Local Arrangements Committee in Houston is running an online auction to raise funds we would have raised at the Annual Meeting’s Silent Auction. We will be doing this by placing items for auction on HAS Vice President Larry Golden’s eBay site. You can see items we currently have on auction by going to eBay and then in the search box typing TAS Auction 2020 and our items should come up. Larry will list new items every Sunday evening and that auction will run for a week, until the following Sunday evening.

Here’s how the auction works and how YOU can participate.

1. Larry Golden and Linda Gorski currently plan to run this eBay auction each week until November 1 or as long as they have items to auction. Larry will put three or four items on his site every Sunday around 7 p.m. That auction will end the following Sunday. Then he will put three or four more items up for auction. That’s where you come in. We need items to auction!

2. Please take photos of items you would like to offer to sell in this auction to benefit TAS. Smaller, quirky, interesting, easy to mail items are best. Any Texas-centric or western theme items sell especially well. Send photos to and They will let you know if they think your item will sell on eBay. If you have large or heavy items or boxes of books you might want to save them for the TAS Silent Auction at our 2021 TAS Annual Meeting on October 21 -24, 2021 which will be held in Houston.

3. Once Linda and Larry receive your photos, they’ll decide if your item will sell on Ebay and they will contact you and ask you to mail the item to Larry Golden if you live far away (address to be provided) or arrange a reasonable pick-up/drop-off place/time locally.

4. Larry will list the item on his eBay site for auction and the auction on that item will run for one week. Remember that your items are being seen by a worldwide audience so bidding can be fast and furious and it can be very profitable! The winning bidder will pay for the item and for shipping from Houston. Larry will do all the shipping.

5. TAS will incur absolutely no expenses for this auction - but will receive all the profit. The donor (you) will receive a receipt for the sale price of the auctioned item(s) for your tax records.

6. Don’t forget that you, too, can bid on the items!!! Keep in mind that gift list for family and friends for birthdays and the holidays. We have some really unique items to auction!!! All proceeds go to TAS!

As this newsletter goes to press, we were three weeks into our Auction and have already mailed checks totalling about $1,300.00 to TAS! If the LAC can make $200 - $400 a week on this auction for six months until November 1 (the last day of the cancelled 2020 TAS meeting) TAS will receive well over $6,000 from the auction! And if we get some really good items to auction, we’ll earn much more! And here’s the icing on the cake – an anonymous donor has just offered to match dollar for dollar what we raise up to $6,000!!!!!! So please participate in this auction in any way that you can.

The response to the auction so far has been nothing short of remarkable. Check out some of the photos attached to see how HAS members have supported this important auction to benefit an important cause. Proceeds from this charitable auction will benefit the Texas Archeological Society in its efforts to promote scientific archeological exploration and research, the preservation of archeological materials and sites, the publication of associated information, and public education and outreach programs for both adults and children throughout the State of Texas. (TAS is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.)

If you have any questions about this auction please email Linda Gorski at Thanks so much for your support. 


HAS Journal No. 141 is now available. Complimentary copies may be obtained by HAS members at the monthly meetings. Non-HAS members may purchase copies through Go to the HAS Journals Section for a link to the publication on the website. Alternatively, copies may be purchased at the HAS Monthly Meetings.

The Peopling of the Americas: A Brief Synopsis on the Status of the Current Debate With a Focus on North America by Wilson "Dub" Crook III) NOW AVAILABLE

Report #34 The Peopling of the Americas: A Brief Synopsis on the Status of the Current Debate With a Focus on North America. This publication is available free to members of the Society. Members should make sure that they collect their copy of this report at the next monthly meeting. If you wish to purchase additional copies then you can find them on You can find the appropriate links in our List section.

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