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Beached! Rediscovering the Foreshore Archeology of the Texas Gulf Coast - Texas State Marine Archeologist Amy Borgens

Texas State Marine Archeologist Amy Borgens will be the featured speaker at the Thursday, November 19th Houston Archeological Society monthly meeting. Borgens will discuss her experiences rediscovering the foreshore archeology of the Texas Gulf Coast. The ZOOM meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. This virtual meeting will be for HAS members only. Watch for an email detailing how to join this ZOOM meeting closer to the date.

Amy Borgens

The state of Texas has a diverse and rich maritime history spanning five centuries. Underwater archeological sites discovered in state waters include the oldest shipwrecks in the United States (the 1554 Spanish Plate Fleet) and recorded shipwrecks dating to 17th-century French colonization, the Republic of Texas, the Mexican-American War, American Civil War, World War I, and World War II. Often easily overlooked in this diverse array are the shipwrecks that are an obvious part of our everyday environment; those embedded in the beach. These discoveries are the most vulnerable of our state shipwreck sites as they are frequently battered by waves in the surf zone, ravished by storms, degraded by mollusk consumption, or, most unfortunately, targeted by collectors and beach combers. Please attend this HAS hosted event for an exciting look at the shipwrecks that are quite literally under our feet.

Shipwreck 2

Amy Borgens was appointed State Marine Archeologist at the Texas Historical Commission in June 2010. As the State Marine Archeologist, Amy is responsible for the preservation, protection, and investigation of shipwrecks and other submerged sites in all state-owned waters. She has worked in the field of Texas maritime archeology for more than two decades and has been associated with several notable Texas shipwreck projects, including La Belle and USS Westfield. In addition, Amy assisted in the excavation of Oklahoma's only known shipwreck site,Heroine(1838), and participated in the remotely-operated vehicle investigations of early 19th-century shipwrecks at depths exceeding 4,000 ft. off the Texas-Louisiana coast (the Mardi Gras and Monterrey Shipwreck Projects).

Shipwreck 1
Collectively, Amy has recorded historic shipwrecks dating from the Byzantine Period to the mid-20th century and has worked on projects in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Canada, Turkey, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Falkland Islands. Her specializations include early 19th-century Gulf of Mexico maritime history and the study of historic small arms artifact assemblages. Her experience in the field of archeology includes wreck excavation and documentation, conservation, artifact photography, and illustration.

Amy Borgens earned a bachelor's degree from Purdue University in Fine Arts and received her master's degree in Anthropology from the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Geography at Texas State University.

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The Carrollton Phase Archaic: A Redefinition of the Chronology, Composition and Aerial Distribution of the Early Archaic Horizon Along the Trinity River, Texas NOW AVAILABLE

Report #35 The Carrollton Phase Archaic: A Redefinition of the Chronology, Composition and Aerial Distribution of the Early Archaic Horizon Along the Trinity River, Texas by Wilson "Dub" Crook. This publication is available free to members of the Society. Members should make sure that they collect their copy of this report at the next monthly meeting. If you wish to purchase additional copies then you can find them on You can find the appropriate links in our List section.

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