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"Caddos and their Ancestors" - Jeff Girard

GJeff Girard
As most of you are aware, our HAS meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 16th has been CANCELLED due to precautions against spreading the COVID 19 virus. Despite the fact that you will be unable to meet our speaker, archeologist Jeffrey Girard, in person and hear his fabulous presentation, you can still enjoy his topic through the pages of his new book, The Caddos and Their Ancestors.

You will recall Girard’s last presentation to HAS (April 2019) focused on the recovery of a 14th century Native American dugout canoe from the banks of the Red River right across from a large Caddoan settlement. By popular demand we brought him back to learn more about the Caddoan culture. Girard’s book does just that. Here’s a description of his book from

“Taking an archaeological perspective on the past, Jeffrey S. Girard traces native human habitation in northwest Louisiana from the end of the last Ice Age, through the formation of the Caddo culture in the tenth century BCE, to the early nineteenth century. Employing the results of recent scientific investigations, The Caddos and Their Ancestors depicts a distinct and dynamic population spanning from precolonial times to the dawn of the modern era..

Jeff Girard
Girard grounds his research in the material evidence that defined Caddo culture long before the appearance of Europeans in the late seventeenth century. Reliance solely on documented observations by explorers and missionaries—which often reflect a Native American population with a static past—propagates an incomplete account of history. By using specific archaeological techniques, Girard reveals how the Caddos altered their lives to cope with ever-changing physical and social environments across thousands of years. This illuminating approach contextualizes the remnants of houses, mounds, burials, tools, ornaments, and food found at Native American sites in northwest Louisiana. Through ample descriptions and illustrations of these archaeological finds, Girard deepens understanding of the social organization, technology, settlement, art, and worldviews of this resilient society.

This long-overdue examination of an often-overlooked cultural force provides a thorough yet concise history of the 14,000 years the Caddo people and their predecessors survived and thrived in what is now Louisiana.”  This book would be a good read during the self-isolation and social distancing that we are all experiencing right now. Check it out here

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