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Archaeolympics comes to Field School

Glynn Osburn


What is the Archaeolympics? A series of games and activities designed mostly to test knowledge of tasks that prehistoric people relied on for daily survival. These are the abilities you need to compete in the Archaeolympics, a prehistoric skills competition.

Archaeolympic competitions have been gaining in popularity throughout the country and that includes contests held each year in Texas at Seminole Canyon. We think that Field School will be a great place to hold these events and we will give it a try this year. As of now, we plan on featuring at least three events, atlatl, rabbit stick and unit layout. By the time of Field School, we may decide on another event or two, including a fire starting contest. We will have both individual and team competitions.

Rules for the Archaeolympics

The schedule and other details have not yet been worked out, but the competitions will be held at the campground. Meanwhile, if you have an atlatl and darts, consider bringing them. Plan on signing up for the events and join in the fun. See you at Field School.


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