Monthly Meeting
Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road,
Houston, TX 77055
Main No.: (713) 956-0881

When We Meet
Third Thursday of each month
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm

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About the Society

The Houston Archeological Society (HAS) is a non-profit organization that serves the professional, student and avocational archeological community of Houston. The HAS offers research, historic property (prehistoric and historic) site assessments, archeological survey and excavation opportunities, education and outreach programs and research publications.


The HAS was formed in 1959 by a small group of individuals with an interest in archeology, and of the history of the early inhabitants and settlers of Texas, especially those occupying the Upper Texas Gulf Coast and adjoining states. Incorporated on October 10, 1966, the Society sought to bring together persons with similar interests in the science of archeology, thereby creating an atmosphere conducive to the preservation and exchange of historic and prehistoric data of the state of Texas. By supporting research and archeological projects, the Society is able to preserve the mission of the HAS and to promote a wider public understanding and appreciation of archeology and related fields of science. Since 1959, the HAS has organized, directed and participated in multiple projects associated with salvage efforts of private landowners to minimize the loss of scientific data; mitigation (monitoring) of sites during construction to minimize site disturbance; and excavation of important prehistoric and historic sites as a result of erosion, land development and environmental degradation. Our projects are located within the Upper Texas Gulf Coast Region, and include the greater Houston metropolitan area. Owing to the vast expansion of the city of Houston, the HAS assists the City in conservation and preservation efforts of historic properties (prehistoric and historic) sites, as well as historic buildings and neighborhoods within Houston.

The Houston Archeological Society holds monthly membership meetings with invited lecturers who speak on various topics of archeology and history. All in-person meetings are free and open to the public. In-person meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road, Houston.